Cumming INSITE is a Cummins Engine diagnostic software installed on the computer, with step-by-step diagnostics, integrated circuit diagrams, so the use of Cumming INSITE software becomes easy. With strong support from Cumming INSITE software, it will help you to reduce the time to handle faults more quickly and accurately so that your vehicle can operate normally. Technicians can perform accurate diagnosis of trouble symptoms, calibration, programming entire Cummins Engine.


Softwrae Faetures

  • Automatic engine recognition

  • Read & Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)

  • Data List

  • Graphical Monitoring

  • Engine Diagnostic Tests (Injector Cut- Out, EGR Valve, Turbo…)

  • Parameter Vehicle Adjustment

  • Wiring Diagram and Sensor Location

  • Built-In Help & Troubleshooting

  • Calibration Downloads

With Pro Version

  • Update ECM software (work with incal)

  • Remove ECM password (zap it)

  • Uprade torque (fuel/ air ratios….)

  • Enhanced ECM security

  • Calibration downloads

  • Control PTO, cruise control options, set rev limits, control idle shutdown, set idle speed, set fan functions….